The Chennai District Chess Association, affiliated to its parent body, Tamilnadu State Chess Association is dedicated towards development of Chess sport and its related communities of players, coaches, arbiters and academies who work in alignment with our organization.

Our Vision:
“Elevate chess year over year by enhancing the playing strength, culture and skillset among the players,  functionaries, and professionals of Chennai District and enhance their competence at the global arena of chess”

Our Mission:
Leverage the skills of our highly motivated team and sow efforts to cultivate, nourish and foster truly professional chess players responsible for keeping the fame of our organization and flag of our country raised high globally.

What do we do?

  1. Conduct selection tournaments at District level to identify talents under various age categories.
  2. Conduct free coaching camps to such talents in order to motivate and prepare them for the State Championships.
  3. Offer financial support in terms of paying entry fee to State Championship, offer free accommodation and provide for travel and pocket expenses all through the State Championship.
  4. Felicitate commendable accomplishments of Chennai District players in State, National and International levels.
  5. Governing body for all chess tournaments conducted in Chennai District.
  6. Authorise conduct of tournaments that meet the guidelines of CDCA that continually iterate professional conduct of tournaments for the betterment of players.
  7. Conduct seminars / lectures in order to strengthen professional competence of arbiters.