Solving contest- an introduction

Solving contest- an introduction

by C.G.S.Narayanan,FIDE Master for chess compositions

chess problem, is not a position arising out of an actual game, but has been composed showing an idea with difficult key and attractive mates not often seen in the over the board play. In a direct mate problem white has to mate black in specific number of moves against any black defence. The key to such problems are always quiet  non-checking moves.

The solving contest on 10.6.2018 at 9.00 a.m will contain 5 problems-three ‘Mate in two moves’, one ‘Mate in three-moves’ and one simple endgame study where white wins.

White mates in two moves  White makes the first move called the Key move and mates on his second move against any black defence .Only the key move, the first move which solves the problem need be given.

 White mates in three moves White makes the first move, then black plays, white makes his second move and whatever black plays white mates on the third move.

The full solution has to be given

 White to play and win  In this endgame white plays and wins.The full solution has to be given.

Please note that in all the diagrams white pawns go up and black pawns come down the board as is the convention

Marks for each problem are indicated beside the diagram

Three prize will awarded separately for boys and girls in two categories:-Under-12 and Under-17



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